Chase and Status debut new track ‘Control’ featuring Slaves

Chase and Status have been around for a while, pioneering the surge of English garage drum and bass, whilst having recent releases with various grime MC’s as part of their ‘London Bars’ project. Their well known heavy, electric sound has thumped through radios, clubs and stereos for over ten years now and by teaming up with Slaves they’re certainly expanding their creative horizons.

The song starts off with Isaac Holman’s vocals howling “order are orders are orders are orders are orders” over some dubbed down electro bass. From the off you’re absorbed by the sinisterness of the track, anticipating Chase and Status’ trade mark crashing chorus and Holman’s roar. Punk rock meets hardcore drum and bass, what could possible be better? This track is probably one of the most hard hitting, guitar thrashing tunes I’ve heard for a while and to see Slaves getting recognition in genres like this and grime, shows the current diversity of English music.

isaac homan.png

As repetitive as the lyrics are, they have a clear message telling society to take control of themselves and don’t turn into the man, or woman, that they don’t want to be. Nowadays lyrics don’t have to be complex, just a big boot in the face to the people listening to track that could potentially change their outlook on life; Isaac Holman, in this song, does this brilliantly.

As much as I like the tune I can’t help but feel the build up and chorus, throughout never really change and as much as this is, normally, a trademark of Chase and Status’, this unfortunately makes the song seem a bit ‘meh’ at some points. It is still a track that is definitely worth checking out though. Both bands are unbelievable individually and together they do nothing but create a provocative and ferocious tune. With Slaves hinting at a new album and Chase and Status producing new music, it seems 2016 is going to be a very successful year for both two pieces and ‘Control’ is only the start of their year of dominance.

Rating: 7/10


Control is officially released on the 24th of February.


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