Danny Brown: ‘Really Doe’ Review

A feature list as rich in talent as Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul and Earl Sweatshirt is enough to make any hip hop head go insane; the fact that it’s a Danny Brown track is quite frankly the icing on the cake. This tune is 5 minutes of the catchiest hooks I have heard in a while; Danny Brown really is killing the American, and more specifically Detroit, rap scene this year and Previous releases only emphasise this. Both ‘When It Rain’ and ‘Pneumonia’ are songs that touch up on people’s greed, his infatuation with drugs and just generally how bloody good he is of a rapper.

All the featured artists really kill this beat, I especially like Ab-Soul’s verse that deviates between Heaven and Hell through the metaphor of a goat. Kendrick really works well on the main hook too, his explosive lyrics compliment the sinister and eery chime influenced rhythms; produced by Black Milk. Brown has a real idiosyncratic flow but it’s one you have to love, it’s versatility is immense and could be played over any beat without fail. In all honesty the peculiar nature of Danny Brown’s lyrical prowess is so entrancing that it is better than the likes of Lamar, Earl and Ab-Soul on this song.

Hailed for his uniqueness, Brown has not disappointed on this new single. The beats are deadly, unbelievably evil and mischievous; in all three of the rapper’s releases. It’s almost as if Danny Brown’s new songs are in fact a drug, their addictive nature is making me extremely excited for ‘Atrocity Exhibition’, the MC’s fourth album. It’s going to be a gooden, and comes out on the 30th of September.


Jaws have a new one called ‘Right in Front of Me’

Announcing a new track and album in the same night probably gave most Jaws fans a heart attack. The 3 lads from Birmingham are back with a new release following up last years indie anthem ‘What We Haven’t Got Yet’ and ‘Right in Front of Me’ is certainly their catchiest yet; it’s been in my head all day today. Supported by DJs such as Huw Stephens and pretty much any alternative music magazine, it is fair to say that Jaws have a bright future ahead of them and if they keep combining the heaviness of some of their tracks with the soothing, grungy atmosphere of this one then they will have no problem maintaining their greatness.

When listening to Schofield and Co’s new material I feel they are lying on a spectrum smack bang in the middle of Peace and Mudhoney, they deviate between the thrashiness of some 80s/90s grunge and modern indie but this versatility makes the band very unique and like no other outfit out there. Twangy guitars, softening lyrics and drone like bass lines; what more could you want in a song on a rarely sunny afternoon in England? They are certainly a band forever on the rise and hopefully the release of the new album, ‘Simplicity’, will only escalate their success even more.

Preorder the album here and listen to ‘Right in Front of Me’.

The track listing for ‘Simplicity’ is:

1. Just a Boy
2. What We Haven’t Got Yet
3. Right in Front of Me
4. 17
5. Cast
6. Interlude
7. On the Sunshine
8. Work it Out9. In the Morning
10. A Brief Escape from Life
11. The Invisible Sleep


The album artwork for ‘Simplicity’


Slaves release music video and the title track of their new album ‘Take Control’

When Slaves announced the news of their second album the one worry I had was whether they’d turn into softies, like quite a few heavy bands have over the years. However after hearing their new material, including ‘Take Control’, it seems I shouldn’t have questioned this for a second. Produced by Mike D of the Beastie Boys, the song is 2 minutes of nothing but hardcore punk and I’m loving every second of it. The provocative lyrics, crunching baselines and thrashing drums will smash you into life, it’s quite possibly one of the best songs I’ve heard all year and will be hailed by punk rock fans for some time.

The music video is pretty cool too, Isaac and Laurie ride around on a two seated bike screaming their lyrics into the camera; it seems to have been filmed in the style of an old, grainy VHS video. There’s no band out there quite like Slaves, they are exactly what our generation needs, they speak truthfully and realistically; ‘Take Control’ only emphasises this. The album comes out on the 30th of September and you can preorder it now.

Check out the vid here:


Slaves are also going on tour, if there is a gig you have to see this year, this is it!

Uk tour dates



European tour dates


The Wytches debut new track ‘Hannover Square’

Following up from their single ‘C-Side’, The Wytches have released a more harmonious, sweet-sounding song in ‘Hannover Square’. Debuted by NME yesterday, the track is the B-side to their latest single, which will feature on the 4 piece’s second album ‘All Your Happy Life’; it seems to be shaping up nicely. The atmospheric and dreamy nature of the track makes for a calming listen and could be likened to previous songs in the calibre of ‘The Waving Snowman’, which came from their home recordings ep.

The psychedelic, echoing guitar effects and soothing voice of Kristian Bell showcase the versatility of the Wytches’ sound and even the route they may be going down for their second album; nevertheless we will have to wait until the 30th of this month.

Catch the Wytches on tour this November:


The Magic Gang release video for new single ‘All This Way’

Indie 4 piece The Magic Gang have just released a music video for their recent single ‘All This Way’. The track has boomed through the festival circuit this summer, a staggering Reading set topping everything off and contributing to their recent achievement of signing to Warner Brothers Records. The vid takes place in the rather rammed household of The Magic Gang and fellow Brighton Band ‘Abattoir Blues‘; Angus, Jack, Kris and Paeris all try to practice wherever they can in the video, whether that is on a door step or in a crammed kitchen.

The song is a melodic, hair raising, indie belter that you will want to be screaming back to the band in months to come, you can listen and watch the viddy here:

Catch The Magic Gang on their UK tour, there’s some decent support too!

the magic gang tour

So who won Reading Festival 2016?

This year I was lucky enough to go to Reading, the best music festival I have ever been to. For years Reading has showcased the best hardcore/punk/alternative rock outfits; as well as a host of exciting urban and electronic artists. This year really didn’t disappoint.

Triumphant sets from the likes of Foals and BBK smashed day one, insighting an instant moshing riot; BBK in particular proved they should be way above the likes of CHVRCHES on future bills. Foals’ set undoubtedly felt like their biggest milestone yet and retained their status as one of the best live bands in Britain.


Tired and hungover, I stumbled into Saturday wondering whether I’d actually be up for seeing anyone but my urge to watch Beach Baby got me down to the arena for a 12:00 am start. Confused by the lack of support I watched the 4 piece from a distance, but their show seemed frustrating due to the little audience and their set being cut short; so fans couldn’t here their lead single ‘Limousine’. Next up was Rejjie Snow, he was unreal. His hip hop energy woke everyone up, with tracks like ‘Snow (my rap song)’ going down a storm. Other noticeable sets came from those cheeky lads from Kent, Slaves, who even did a secret show on the BBC introducing stage, playing tracks from their ‘Sugar Coated Bitter Truth’ EP and of course their cover of Skepta’s grime classic ‘Shutdown’. Oh yeah and this band called the Red Hot Chilli Peppers played as well, they were half decent.

For fans of Alternative/Indie music Sunday was by far the best. Spring King kicked it off for me, new single ‘Detroit’ and ‘Rectifier’ were the real crowd pleasers and showed their worthiness of a set on the NME/Radio 1 stage. The Magic Gang packed out the Festival Republic tent, even more so than the firmly established Eagulls who played the most underrated set of the whole weekend. As the day passed RAT BOY played a rammed show in the Radio 1/NME tent where Cardy and co entertained the audience by climbing up the scaffolding and sprawling across the floor with their instruments. Up next was Cage the Elephant and I haven’t seen many better live bands than this one, the guys from Kentucky are fan favourites at the festival and with their new material adding diversity to the set, we were truly spoilt. They should have been higher up the bill. Biffy Clyro rounded off the final day but it was DJ EZ that stunned the festival that night, teenagers scrambled up the scaffolding in the dance tent forcing the gig to momentarily stop for health and safety issues – if you needed the carnage of Reading emphasising any more.


If you are contemplating on whether to head to the festival next year, don’t! Just buy a ticket, you won’t regret it whatever the line up. Click here for the first wave of tix and you can watch extended highlights here.