LISTEN: Rat Boy’s new single ‘Lovers Law’ is Annie Mac’s hottest record.

Featuring on the set list of his latest tour, Jordan Cardy’s new Gorillaz-esque single has just had its first ever official spin. The DJs at Radio 1 have been supporting Rat Boy ever since the release of his first mixtape, titled ‘The Mixtape’, and this song is sure to enhance the Chelmsford born boy’s loyal following.


The track is in the vain of everything from The Talking Heads to The Human League, any project of Damon Albarn’s, who is proving to be a big influence on Jordan’s music, and even The Streets. It is an unbelievably captivating and addictive song; the direction Cardy is going in is hard to fault, his tracks are more hip hop and synth based but still stay true to his indie roots that got him the recognition he deserves. Personally I think this is one of his best tunes yet: rich in jangly melodies, guitar hooks and unusual samples; the clip features a short interview with himself and Liam, his bassist, so go and give it a listen.



Watch: Rejjie Snow releases music video for ‘Pink Beetle’

Released shortly after his previous single ‘D.R.U.G.S’ Rejjie Snow is back with a vid for his latest track ‘Pink Beetle’, and it’s a gory one. Fitting halloween perfectly, the visuals show Snow having a bit of a weird, and extremely painful, dental appointment. Once again the Dublin born rapper has matched the creativity of his music with the video to go with it, all of his content makes for an extremely intriguing watch and this one is no different.


The track itself is a blissful 3 minutes of hip hop, rich in hooks of pianos and snare drums. The beat is infectious, as are the vocals on the chorus, and of course Rejjie absolutely kills it with his trade mark flow and soothing voice. Produced by ‘Rahki’, the song is just a snippet of how incredible Snow’s up coming album could potentially be; the producer has worked with the likes of ‘Kendrick Lamar’ and ‘School Boy Q’ and so if Rejjie and Rahki can replicate the work of these two artists then we are really in for a treat.

Watch the video below and go buy the new single.

Listen to Superglu’s new song ‘Dreams’ here.

Playing Reading and Leeds and Latitude this year, whilst amplifying their playful punk rock sound, the 4 piece are starting to gain the attention that they deserve. DJs in the calibre of Huw Stephens have been supporting Superglu for a while now and the charismatic outfit have just dropped a new track that will hopefully carry on their rise in the world of music.


‘Dreams’ oozes in modern punk rock melodies and screeching vocals, about ‘bb guns’ and ‘Rollerskating’; it is impossible to not like this song. I remember hearing it faintly in the distance after coming out, half dead, from the Cage The Elephant set at Reading and I just wish I had enough energy to go and catch the end of them headlining the introducing stage. Not going is a decision I am now hugely regretting.


Anyway go and check out their new single, it has energy and visceral guitar hooks in abundances so if you need waking up this morning just click the link below, the song is premiering on Gigslutz right now.

Premiere: Superglu – ‘Dreams’

Jamie T + The Wytches // Cambridge Corn Exchange gig review 22.10.16

Getting Jamie T tickets all the way back in July meant that it was only this week that it hit me I was going to witness one of the best live performers to come out of the UK in recent years. With a new album under his belt and The Wytches as part of the package I was anticipating a storming night, and it truly was.

Kicking off with the Wytches, the band slammed through 30 minutes of their most thrashing tunes, including the likes of ‘Gravedweller’ and new thunder bolt ‘Ghost House’, which is my favourite cut from ‘All Your Happy Life’. Both the new and the old  tracks were fairly well received, how can you not enjoy 4 long haired lads head banging and busting out grungy riffs? However at points I felt as if the crowd didn’t give them the reception they deserved but for me, who was just as thrilled to be watching The Wytches as Jamie T, it was a brilliant performance and one that’s edged me even closer to buying a ticket for their upcoming tour.


Next up was the infamous Jamie T who had a crowd surprisingly varied in age. From 17 year olds to 30 year olds to even 50-60 year olds, there was a true variation in generations but the one similarity we all had was we all went absolutely mental for the Wimbledon born boy. Setting the bar with new track ‘Power Over Men’, the most popular song from ‘Trick’, the audience were up for it throughout. ‘Tescoland’ and ‘Tinfoil Boy’ were equally as well received from the new LP but of course it was the classics like ‘British Intelligence’ and ‘Sticks and Stones’ that summoned a riot at the Corn Exchange. Everyone belted out the ballads too, my personal favourite being ‘Don’t You Find’. Adding to this, the light show was amazing, with glaring spotlights descending onto Treays’ body making him look like a haunting silhouette.

jamie t live.jpg

After being ill only a week or so ago I just cannot believe how good a performer Jamie T was. This had to be one of my favourite gigs of the year and one I won’t forget. If you ever have the chance to see either Jamie T or The Wytches live be sure to grab the opportunity because otherwise it will be a decision you’ll regret.

Want to see a clip of Jamie T live? Just click below.

Forever Cult air new track ‘See Thru’

Signed to ‘Clue records’, Forever Cult are a three piece hailing from Leeds known for creating a grungy racket. Their sound could be likened to the sludgy tendencies of Eagulls, they share the same thumping basslines and crunching guitar riffs so if you are a fan of their fellow Leeds mates then you will love these lads.

‘See Thru’ follows the release of single ‘Tunnel Vision’, which has a quirky music video where the band make a corner, of what looks like a living room, into a makeshift tropical beach. You can see what I mean down below. The fuzzy/tonal guitar riffs reminded me of the band Nai Harvest, who have unfortunately called it a day,  so if you liked the Sheffield duo you should be checking out Forever Cult.

Tearing their way through tours and festivals, the outfit’s new song will go down a treat at future gigs and cause even more mayhem than their shows have been recently. Lead singer Kieran screeches ‘It’s not my problem’ in a thunderous chorus; heavy in trembling drums and their signature guitar tone. ‘See Thru’ will only be available on cassette so if you like the song, and want a hard copy, you will be lucky to grab one but give the tune a listen below. It’s well worth it.

The band are also going on tour this November:


Slaves cover The Weeknd’s ‘The Hills’

Slaves have only gone and covered The Weeknd for BBC Radio 1’s live lounge. It’s a weird match up but the remix does genuinely work. A cheeky fact for you is that the drum kit Isaac is using was donated to him by no other than comedian Al Murray, you can see it feature in the vid below.

This follows the release of their belter of a new album ‘Take Control’ which is available pretty much anywhere, they played their lead single from the LP titled ‘Spit It Out’ for the live lounge too.

Tigercub release new track ‘Omen’

Brighton band Tigercub are scratching at the surface of greatness with their new track, which will feature on upcoming album ‘Abstract Figures In The Dark’. Ever since the release of their EP ‘Repressed Semantics’ I have been eagerly following the 3 piece hoping that their future material would entice me as much as that project did. ‘Omen’ certainly has. Released 4 days ago it took me a while to get around to listening to the track due to new releases from the likes of Slaves, The Wytches and even Mura Masa’s new single with A$ap Rocky but this tune is one that has really stood out for me in amongst this hall of new music.


Ferocious, thrashing and devilish, the new song is the first single from their upcoming debut album. The story behind the lyrics is nothing but compelling; James Allix and co explore a fiendish tale of two colliding personalities. Add this to the beautifully obnoxious guitars and drums and you have a thunderstorm of 90s Seattle grunge; it’s a real statement from the outfit and one you should be checking out.


Tigercub are coming to a place near you