Mac Demarco//Brixton Academy//31st May 2017

After selling out 2 intimate Electric Brixton shows in under 2 hours, Mac was back in London with two dates at the venues big brother Brixton Academy. Claiming that he hates the size of the venues he plays now, Demarco was about to step up to his biggest London show to date, the demand being so high that another day had to be added.

With a new album out, the multi talented singer/song writer and producer had new material on top of the classics we have seen in ‘Salad Days’ and breakout record ‘2’. This was the only place anyone would be able to catch Mac this year in England; this excitement channeled throughout the crowd of sweaty teenagers. The temple like walls of Brixton Academy suited the god like stature Mac has been given by his fans; they were about to witness a gig like no other.

Kicking off with the infamous ‘Salad Days’, Mac proceeded to play a hyperactive set; his personality almost hamster like as he scurried from one side of the stage to the other chewing through his groovy guitar riffs. Having family watching you may daunt some artists but not the Duncan born lad, he set up a table for his Cousins and friends on the stage, as well as inviting them to sing Vanessa Carlton’s 1000 miles. For anyone else this would have been cheesy but Mac just has a knack that makes anything seem okay.

‘My Kind OF Woman’ and ‘Ode to Viceroy’ featured, with ‘For The First Time’ and ‘Chamber Of Reflection’ giving the audience an excuse for a good old synthy jive. It was a great mixture of the Artist’s discography and with the chaos caused by his crowd surfing and Vans chucking, it is safe to say it was a night neither Mac or his fans will be forgetting.

Mac Demarco headlines End of the Road Festival this August/September.