Franz Ferdinand @ Brixton Academy // 24.02.18

One of the most established 21st century Indie bands graced Brixton Academy yesterday with what could only be described as a fairly legendary show. Admittedly I hadn’t really listened to their new album prior to the gig but with one of the best debut albums in British history, and after seeing them at the Roundhouse 6 years ago, there was no doubt in my mind I was in for a treat.

Supporting Franz Ferdinand were Meggy Brown and Albert Hammond JR, both of which I missed but had been getting great reviews on the rest of the tour. After swiftly downing a few pints and rushing to the front through angsty middle aged couples looking to relive their uni days, I was soon being abruptly pushed around and belting out the lyrics to ‘The Dark Of The Matine√©’ – which followed on from opening song ‘Always Ascending’. The demographic of the audience was exceptionally varied, there is an obvious youthful cult following for the Glasgow lads and I highly doubt there was anyone in that audience who wasn’t having a great time.

My all time favourite Franz Ferdinand song has to be ‘Jacqueline’ and I was pleasantly surprised to see it still in the set list. I feel the band especially like performing the track and it got an incredible reception from the audience, arguably as good as ‘Take Me Out’, which we all know would normally steal the show.

The encore was a mix of old and new, ‘Feel the Love Go’ set the standards high but it was the unquestionable ferocity of ‘This Fire’ that lit the fuse for madness in Brixton – Kapranos inviting everyone to crouch down and then jump up for the familiar crazy chorus.

It was a memorable night in Brixton, and I can only hope that it won’t be as long before I see them again. It seems the tour is completely sold out now but if you can catch them on one of their upcoming dates I would fully recommend it.


Mac Demarco//Brixton Academy//31st May 2017

After selling out 2 intimate Electric Brixton shows in under 2 hours, Mac was back in London with two dates at the venues big brother Brixton Academy. Claiming that he hates the size of the venues he plays now, Demarco was about to step up to his biggest London show to date, the demand being so high that another day had to be added.

With a new album out, the multi talented singer/song writer and producer had new material on top of the classics we have seen in ‚ÄėSalad Days‚Äô and breakout record ‚Äė2‚Äô. This was the only place anyone would be able to catch Mac this year in England;¬†this¬†excitement¬†channeled¬†throughout the crowd of sweaty teenagers. The¬†temple¬†like walls of Brixton Academy suited the god like stature Mac has been given by his fans; they were about to witness a gig like no other.

Kicking off with the infamous ‘Salad Days’, Mac proceeded to play a hyperactive set; his personality almost hamster like as he scurried from one side of the stage to the other chewing through his groovy guitar riffs. Having family watching you may daunt some artists but not the Duncan born lad, he set up a table for his Cousins and friends on the stage, as well as inviting them to sing Vanessa Carlton’s 1000 miles. For anyone else this would have been cheesy but Mac just has a knack¬†that¬†makes anything seem okay.

‘My Kind OF Woman’ and ‘Ode to Viceroy’ featured, with ‘For The First Time’ and ‘Chamber Of Reflection’ giving the audience an excuse for a¬†good old synthy jive. It was a great mixture¬†of the Artist’s discography and with the chaos caused by his crowd surfing and Vans chucking, it is safe to say it was a night neither Mac or his fans will be forgetting.

Mac Demarco headlines End of the Road Festival this August/September.