Loyle Carner releases debut album ‘Yesterday’s Gone’

Following several single releases and an EP titled ‘A Little Late’, Carner has finally dropped his first full length LP. Featuring hit songs like ‘Ain’t Nothing Changed’ and ‘No CD’, The album expresses a rich soundscape of amplified hip hop samples and prosperous instrumentation that combine to compliment the unbelievable lyricism the South London rapper offers.

The new material is up with the bangers Ben Coyle-Larner produces so often, my personal favourites are ‘Mrs C’ and ‘Damselfly’, which features fellow up and coming musician ‘Tom Misch’. The track’s powerful and honest lyrics portray Carner’s personal woes and vulnerabilities but in an intricate and fascinating way.

I have said this time and time again but Loyle Carner is the most important UK rap artist on the scene right now and this album will be one to only rise in popularity throughout 2017, his live sets are just as good as his music so if you have a spare £20 go and see him on his up coming tour.

 Rating: 8/10


LISTEN: Rat Boy’s new single ‘Lovers Law’ is Annie Mac’s hottest record.

Featuring on the set list of his latest tour, Jordan Cardy’s new Gorillaz-esque single has just had its first ever official spin. The DJs at Radio 1 have been supporting Rat Boy ever since the release of his first mixtape, titled ‘The Mixtape’, and this song is sure to enhance the Chelmsford born boy’s loyal following.


The track is in the vain of everything from The Talking Heads to The Human League, any project of Damon Albarn’s, who is proving to be a big influence on Jordan’s music, and even The Streets. It is an unbelievably captivating and addictive song; the direction Cardy is going in is hard to fault, his tracks are more hip hop and synth based but still stay true to his indie roots that got him the recognition he deserves. Personally I think this is one of his best tunes yet: rich in jangly melodies, guitar hooks and unusual samples; the clip features a short interview with himself and Liam, his bassist, so go and give it a listen.



Watch: Rejjie Snow releases music video for ‘Pink Beetle’

Released shortly after his previous single ‘D.R.U.G.S’ Rejjie Snow is back with a vid for his latest track ‘Pink Beetle’, and it’s a gory one. Fitting halloween perfectly, the visuals show Snow having a bit of a weird, and extremely painful, dental appointment. Once again the Dublin born rapper has matched the creativity of his music with the video to go with it, all of his content makes for an extremely intriguing watch and this one is no different.


The track itself is a blissful 3 minutes of hip hop, rich in hooks of pianos and snare drums. The beat is infectious, as are the vocals on the chorus, and of course Rejjie absolutely kills it with his trade mark flow and soothing voice. Produced by ‘Rahki’, the song is just a snippet of how incredible Snow’s up coming album could potentially be; the producer has worked with the likes of ‘Kendrick Lamar’ and ‘School Boy Q’ and so if Rejjie and Rahki can replicate the work of these two artists then we are really in for a treat.

Watch the video below and go buy the new single.

Review: Loyle Carner – ‘No CD’


Ben Coyle-Larner’s latest release, if you are going by his real name, is an infectious tribute to classic hip hop and features fellow British MC/Producer Rebel Kleff. Distorted guitar hooks, classic hip hop beats and the London based rapper’s distinctive flow are the elements of the track that make this song so undeniably catchy; you can imagine this tune being laid down at any festival and the crowd going absolutely nuts.

coyle larner 2

Hip hop is on the rise in the UK again and Carner and Kleff show, on this track, that they are rightfully one of our biggest hopes for a mainstream revival of the genre. Mentioning artists such as Jay Z and Roots Manuva, the lyrics are hugely relatable for any record collector; hiding a CD behind a shelf and preying nobody buys it before you have the money is just one scenario that the artist touches upon.

There is a pretty damn good music video too. Directed by Alessandra Kurr, the video is shot in one take and really suits the creative impulses of Carner and Kleff. This song is an undisputed summer banger and one that needs to be heard by everyone.

Rating: 8.5/10

Loyle Carner plays Leeds festival on the 28th of August and you can catch him on his UK tour this Autumn.

loyle crner tour

He also recently set up a cooking school/workshop for teenagers with ADHD, for the South London rapper it was music and cooking that helped him to relax and he believes it will work for others in a similar situation to him. Click here for more information.