Review: Oscar- Sometimes

Today Oscar shared his brand new music video for ‘Sometimes’, his latest single that will feature on his debut album ‘Cut and Paste’ due to be released on the 13th of May. The song is a synth influenced Brit Pop belter that will have you shaking your head and repeating the lyrics within seconds, the contagious chorus is rich with melodic vocals from Scheller and an instantly recognisable guitar riff.


Writing many of his songs in his bedroom, Oscar is the perfect example of the DIY aesthetic that has been missing from the indie rock/pop music scene of recent years. As the tune progresses the song becomes increasingly addictive with repetitive keyboards and drum beats complementing one another;  every time I listen to the track it just gets better and better. The song was originally released as part of his ep that came out in 2014, which was entitled ‘146b’, but with a few minor adaptations Oscar has made the song louder, beefier and into a soon to become festival favourite. I actually managed to catch him performing the track at Latitude festival last summer and people of all ages were enjoying  the vibe under a warm sunset, the kind of setting that this song epitomises.

Set in America, the music video is brilliantly weird and shows Oscar playing his guitar in various different locations with a variety of teams of all activities, from vape smoking to square dancing. It’s a vibrant, colourful and cheery video that will brighten up the start of your week of work and a song that will end the gloomy and cold winter that we’ve had.

Rating: 8/10


Another great song by Oscar…