The Wytches release new EP ‘Home Recordings’

The Wytches have been lurking around the British grunge scene for sometime now and ‘Home Recordings’ is their second EP release since their debut album ‘Annabel Dream Reader’. Preferring to record all their music in analogue, their is no band that sounds quite like the Wytches at the moment, their raw energy and unique mix of guitar enthused melodies and thumping bass is enough for any musical hipster to puff out their cheeks.


The record starts off with the leading track ‘Who Rides’, an undeniably dark and distasteful tune but one that is unbelievably infectious, Kristian Bell’s versatile vocals merge brilliantly with the slightly psychedelic guitar rhythms that seem so recognisable now from the band. This is definitely my favourite song on the EP and will surely go down well at the Wytches’ upcoming shows, including a gig in Manchester with King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, an Australian psychedelic outfit; it’s worth going to see them for their name, let alone how amazing their music is.


‘Cough/Cool’ maintains the ferocity of the record but ‘Canât Show How’ converts the mood to one of a more sinister nature. The subtle lead breaks in the song distinguishes it from many of the others and separates the track in a way that many of the singles on ‘Annabel Dream Reader’ did, like ‘Fragile Male’ and ‘Wide at Midnight’.

The tone at the end of the EP seems different to previous releases from The Wytches, especially in the track ‘The Gaging Eye’. With a piano being favoured to the usual guitar rhythms, you feel as if you’ve just come out of a scene from the Mighty Boosh but, as stupid as that sounds, it is in fact a compliment; it’s a change from the Brighton/Peterborough based band and one to be admired rather than dismissed.

If you have a spare 20 minutes to mourn over the horrible English weather, which i’m sure you do, on what is meant to be the official ‘first day of summer’ then go and check out this record, it’s one of the best released so far this year.

Rating: 8.5/10


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