The Wytches debut new track ‘Hannover Square’

Following up from their single ‘C-Side’, The Wytches have released a more harmonious, sweet-sounding song in ‘Hannover Square’. Debuted by NME yesterday, the track is the B-side to their latest single, which will feature on the 4 piece’s second album ‘All Your Happy Life’; it seems to be shaping up nicely. The atmospheric and dreamy nature of the track makes for a calming listen and could be likened to previous songs in the calibre of ‘The Waving Snowman’, which came from their home recordings ep.

The psychedelic, echoing guitar effects and soothing voice of Kristian Bell showcase the versatility of the Wytches’ sound and even the route they may be going down for their second album; nevertheless we will have to wait until the 30th of this month.

Catch the Wytches on tour this November:



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