Bloody Knees debut new track ‘Not Done’

Hailing from my home town Cambridge, ‘Bloody Knees’ are an alternative grunge/punk band that could be likened to ‘Birdskulls’ or what was ‘Nai Harvest’. Mates with ‘Wolf Alice’ and ‘The Magic Gang’, it seems as if success is imminent for the quartet and they will be hoping their thrashing new release will push them towards the heights these bands have reached in the last couple of years.

On ‘Not Done’, Bradley Griffiths’ harmonies dip in and out of his simultaneous screeches as the band’s thumping sound smack you around the face. The tune is not only hard hitting but very catchy too, you can imagine some emotional mosh pits opening up for the encore worthy song. Listen to the track below, it’s in many ways what the alternative music scene has been lacking in 2017.

If you haven’t already, check out their previous EP releases, including a joint one with fellow noise makers ‘Birdskulls’ who hail from Brighton.


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