Jimothy Lacoste releases new single ‘Subway System’

Lacoste’s lower than low-fi sub urban indie rap has been gaining an extraordinary amount of attention in 2018. At the age of 18, the artist has already achieved a great deal and in such a short amount of time. It was only a couple of days ago he featured on DJ Semtex’s legendary radio 1 extra show and Dazed magazine were lucky enough to debut the video to his new single on their website. He recently announced a cosign with Giggs, arguably the biggest rapper in the UK, and I feel the Londoner is only just starting to scratch the surface of his true potential.

Watching and indulging in Jimothy Lacoste’s music transports you to his very own dimension, which is one of playful political simplicity, unique skanks and unbelievably catchy lyrics. On ‘Subway System’, we hear his intrinsic formula of looped synths and hypnotic monotone vocals, which amplify his unquestionably cool dance moves and black cat-eye sunglasses. I genuinely feel as if I am in a more desirable world when I listen to Lacoste, he makes life simply seem fine – even if ‘tickets are expensive [and] shit ain’t cheap’, which he rightfully raps on the track.

If you feel a little musically confined at the moment, then look no further than Jimothy Lacoste; skank your way into his world. I can assure you it is a way happier than the one we live in.


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