Review Ho99o9: Blood Waves

Ho99o9 are one of punk’s biggest hopes, whether the genre needed a revival or not we have  one in this duo and I’m loving every second of their music. Their fusion of hardcore punk and hip hop is monstrous and shows there’s still an alternative, underground scene in L.A and New Jersey. TheOGM and Eaddy have been praised since their formation in 2012 and they have toured with the likes of Slaves in recent times. Their live show is meant to be incredible and one of the deadliest around at the moment, with Eaddy often moshing with their fans who have become a cult following of the band since their early releases like ‘Casey Jones’ and ‘Cum Rag’.

ho99o9 live.jpg

This song is one of Ho99o9’s best yet, a blood-curdling, 3 minute, social sucker punch involving unnerving, distorted guitars and slashing drum patterns. The music video is equally as horrifying, but in a good way. Working with Converse, the outfit created a creepy luminous paint infestation in some sort of warehouse. The video is said to be interactive too with it changing due to the lighting of your room. At 2 minutes you think  ‘Blood Waves’ is all over, ending with a piercing screech but after this minor interlude you are pushed straight back into the mix of thumping guitars and typical punk vocals from Eaddy.


This is the best punk song to land in 2016 so far, I’ve got a head ache from the amount of head banging it has caused me.

Rating: 9/10


Ho99o9’s Dead Bodies in the Lake mixtape…


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