Review: Iggy Pop – Post Pop Depression

Iggy Pop has finally released his highly anticipated album ‘Post Pop Depression’ that sees him collaborate with the likes of Josh Homme and Matt Helders. The front man of The Stooges has been a rock idol for decades now with musicians in the calibre of Dave Grohl aspiring to his front man capabilities and musical prowess.

The album is 9 tracks long and starts off with a very Queens of the Stone age-esque ,’Songs for the death’ era, tune entitled ‘Break into your heart’. As catchy as it is, with Iggy’s chatty vocals, it is a slightly underwhelming entrance to a project that seems so exciting on paper. However the mysterious piano progressions are very strong throughout the song and sets a seriously sinister mood for the rest of the album. At the age of 68 it is always going to be hard for any of Pop’s music to reach the ferocity of the days of ‘Raw Power’ and in fact the instrumentation favours his more monotone vocals, which even fits his more summery, open roof cadillac tunes like ‘Gardenia’ (the second track on the album).

post popop.jpg

The album, as a whole, sounds like a trip to the bare-bone of 70’s rock and is a good addition to the other 22 records Pop has released since 1969, there are a few stand out songs on here, my current favourite being ‘Vulture’, which reminds me of a dusty saloon bar brawl on a hazy afternoon in the desert. Iggy’s vocals thrive on the slightly muted acoustic guitar and subtly intense drumming patterns of Helders.


The permanently bare chested punk king was interviewed by beats radio and quoted “I feel like I’m closing up after this. That’s what I feel. It’s my gut instinct.” which is depressing for any music fan to hear and I really think Iggy has more to offer than this album. It’s fairly lack lustre, as much as I hate to say it, and yes he’s getting on a bit but the album is very similar throughout and doesn’t excite me greatly at any point. If this record is Iggy Pop’s last it would be a fairly abrupt way to finish such a spectacular and celebrated career from one of the greatest garage-rock pioneers.

Rating: 6.5 (still worth checking out as it is an album with Iggy Pop, Josh Homme, Dean Fertita and Matt Helders all featuring).

Iggy will be going on tour too! To check out where click here.


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