Jaws have a new one called ‘Right in Front of Me’

Announcing a new track and album in the same night probably gave most Jaws fans a heart attack. The 3 lads from Birmingham are back with a new release following up last years indie anthem ‘What We Haven’t Got Yet’ and ‘Right in Front of Me’ is certainly their catchiest yet; it’s been in my head all day today. Supported by DJs such as Huw Stephens and pretty much any alternative music magazine, it is fair to say that Jaws have a bright future ahead of them and if they keep combining the heaviness of some of their tracks with the soothing, grungy atmosphere of this one then they will have no problem maintaining their greatness.

When listening to Schofield and Co’s new material I feel they are lying on a spectrum smack bang in the middle of Peace and Mudhoney, they deviate between the thrashiness of some 80s/90s grunge and modern indie but this versatility makes the band very unique and like no other outfit out there. Twangy guitars, softening lyrics and drone like bass lines; what more could you want in a song on a rarely sunny afternoon in England? They are certainly a band forever on the rise and hopefully the release of the new album, ‘Simplicity’, will only escalate their success even more.

Preorder the album here and listen to ‘Right in Front of Me’.

The track listing for ‘Simplicity’ is:

1. Just a Boy
2. What We Haven’t Got Yet
3. Right in Front of Me
4. 17
5. Cast
6. Interlude
7. On the Sunshine
8. Work it Out9. In the Morning
10. A Brief Escape from Life
11. The Invisible Sleep


The album artwork for ‘Simplicity’



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