Danny Brown: ‘Really Doe’ Review

A feature list as rich in talent as Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul and Earl Sweatshirt is enough to make any hip hop head go insane; the fact that it’s a Danny Brown track is quite frankly the icing on the cake. This tune is 5 minutes of the catchiest hooks I have heard in a while; Danny Brown really is killing the American, and more specifically Detroit, rap scene this year and Previous releases only emphasise this. Both ‘When It Rain’ and ‘Pneumonia’ are songs that touch up on people’s greed, his infatuation with drugs and just generally how bloody good he is of a rapper.

All the featured artists really kill this beat, I especially like Ab-Soul’s verse that deviates between Heaven and Hell through the metaphor of a goat. Kendrick really works well on the main hook too, his explosive lyrics compliment the sinister and eery chime influenced rhythms; produced by Black Milk. Brown has a real idiosyncratic flow but it’s one you have to love, it’s versatility is immense and could be played over any beat without fail. In all honesty the peculiar nature of Danny Brown’s lyrical prowess is so entrancing that it is better than the likes of Lamar, Earl and Ab-Soul on this song.

Hailed for his uniqueness, Brown has not disappointed on this new single. The beats are deadly, unbelievably evil and mischievous; in all three of the rapper’s releases. It’s almost as if Danny Brown’s new songs are in fact a drug, their addictive nature is making me extremely excited for ‘Atrocity Exhibition’, the MC’s fourth album. It’s going to be a gooden, and comes out on the 30th of September.


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